A cybersecurity monitoring and analytics system for operational assets. Medulla helps you gain visibility, security and compliance.
Our experts at CyberOwl further support you with Managed Services and Cybersecurity Advisory Services. So you can secure your operational assets regardless of your maturity or expertise.
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The maritime sector’s most advanced cybersecurity monitoring and analytics system

Unrivalled visibility

Meaningful visualisations of the cyber risks of onboard systems across the whole fleet, in real-time.

Actionable intelligence

Escalates early warning of cyber attacks of onboard IT, IoT and OT systems and prioritises this for remediation, based on asset criticality.

Insider threat management

Hunts for accidental and intentional insecure behaviour onboard the vessel.

Controls verification

Evidences that cybersecurity policies are properly implemented, up-to-date and working.

Compliance automation

Simplifies, standardises and automates reporting for cybersecurity audits, in line with IMO 2021.

Overcoming the technical and operational challenges of maritime and remote environments


So you can quickly visualise the specific asset on the specific vessel where there is an escalating cyber risk, and how critical it is.

Effortless integration

To combine intelligence into your existing incident and event management system.

Multi-user, multi-functional

Optimised to fulfil the full range of maritime cybersecurity needs – the intelligence needs of the security team, safety needs of the crew and compliance needs of the Designated Person Ashore (DPA).

Optimises bandwidth usage

Aggregates data sources and compresses data locally to minimise data usage and optimise bandwidth usage.


Ensuring continuous monitoring and analytics despite communication dropouts.

In-depth visibility

Analyses multiple data sources to provide in-depth visibility, including protocols, network traffic, host logs and operational logs.

Self-install, remotely manage

Designed for simple, intuitive installation by crew, using “plug and play” technology to avoid the need of vessel visits.

Managed Services

We recognise that some operators need specialist support to ensure the best actions are taken to minimise losses and prevent future cyber attacks. Our managed service ensures operators extract the best value from CyberOwl’s technologies and achieve stepchange improvements in the cyber resilience of onboard systems.

A highly capable, service-obsessed extension of your in-house team.

Depth of experience supporting asset operators with cybersecurity operations and incident response.

On-demand access to CyberOwl experts in cybersecurity, maritime and operational systems.

Actionable recommendations, based on deep technical knowledge and maritime sector-specific intelligence.

Advisory Services

Helping you achieve secure digitalisation

Digitalisation and expanding connectivity are optimising your asset performance, but are also introducing cyber risks.

We work with you to understand your principal sources of cyber risk, prioritise actions to focus your resources and demonstrate effective risk management to regulators.

Marine cyber diagnostic

Rapid review of your cyber maturity, gap analysis of your security controls and recommendations on priorities for security improvements.

Vessel cyber risk assessment

Marine-centric review of your IT and OT assets and associated vulnerabilities and threats to determine your cyber security risk.

Data driven vessel technical assessment

Data-driven assessment of the vulnerabilities, threats and effectiveness of any existing cybersecurity controls for your onboard assets and networks.

Cyber security operations establishment

Help to develop your strategy, operating model and business case for cybersecurity operations based on your organisation’s risk level.

Cyber incident response playbook development

Documented plans to enable your shoreside team and crew to respond to incidents that may occur. Delivery of customised training material to support playbooks.

Threat intelligence and incident data analyses

Review the latest intelligence on a particular threat or area of concern, with key impacts or lessons for your business.

Controls verification

Designing and implementing data collection, analysis and KPIs to evidence that cybersecurity controls for onboard systems are properly implemented and effective.

Cyber-safety documentation review

Review of the cyber content in your Safety Management System and Ship Security Plan documents compared with BIMCO guidelines.

Audit preparation

Independent review of the cybersecurity controls and documentation ahead of a formal vessel audit, inspection or vetting.

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You can’t protect what you can’t see.

Visualise your fleet cyber risks, so you can manage them.

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