CyberOwl, an emerging specialist in cybersecurity for safeguarding systems and operational technology in shipping, defence and critical national infrastructure sectors, has been selected as one of five finalists of the prestigious annual Elia Group Open Innovation Challenge.

Despite an unprecedented period of serious cyber risk to power networks, environmental targets and ambitions to develop energy markets give rise to the need for smarter, more connected power networks that rely heavily on real-time data analysis and automation. This drives the need for better visibility of the connected industrial systems across the power network and a real-time understanding of their cyber risks.

The EU NIS Directive recognises this need for security monitoring and analytics of the operational technology within the power network and has identified it as a core objective of compliance.

CyberOwl provides asset operators cyber situational awareness at the control centre; detects cyber-physical threats and suspicious behaviours; and escalates early warning of an attack to their operational assets. The solution is designed specifically to address the challenges in the operating environments of highly distributed, remote assets found commonly in critical national infrastructure.

Of the 82 companies that are competing for the opportunity to collaborate with Elia Group, CyberOwl are the only cybersecurity solution provider to be shortlisted by its panel of experts and will pitch its proposition to Elia Group’s leadership team in the final event taking place in Brussels, Belgium.

CEO of CyberOwl, Daniel Ng, said “operational assets are not like enterprise IT systems. You need a detailed understanding of the technical and operational constraints in order to help the asset operators take practical steps towards active cyber risk management. This is why we have invested in truly understanding the sectors we work with at CyberOwl. This is why we have immersed the team in developing deep expertise in the shipping sector, as our beachhead market. Elia Group clearly understands the important role cybersecurity plays in accomplishing its smart grid ambitions. We are very excited at the prospect of working with them to continue their innovation journey”.

The winner of the 2020 Open Innovation Challenge will be revealed tomorrow, 10th September. The presentations will be broadcast live here. CyberOwl continues its vital work in securing the maritime and industrial sectors; and has recently expanded its growth in Greece, Singapore and the rest of Europe and Asia Pacific.