CyberOwl has started to work with Star Bulk, a leading global dry bulk shipping company, as they continue their journey towards secure, sustainable digitalization of vessel systems and fleet wide operations.

Protecting vessel systems present unique challenges compared with cyber-securing enterprise IT. The onboard environment involves legacy systems that are difficult to upgrade and requirements for operational flexibility limit the ability to deploy technical controls that are well-established in enterprise IT. This environment demands a different type of cyber security operations centre.

The compliance module of CyberOwl’s Medulla allows shipping operators to evaluate cyber risks and human error resulting in onboard vulnerabilities. By continuously verifying the cybersecurity controls of onboard systems, it allows shipping operators to swiftly assess key vulnerabilities, shut down those that are practically possible to eliminate or design workarounds to mitigate the risks. Medulla also simplifies internal and external cyber compliance reporting requirements.

Daniel Ng, CyberOwl’s CEO commented: “The peculiarities of vessel systems and operations give rise to the need for a different type of data collection, a different type of analysis, specialist technical knowledge of marine environments and understanding of the constraints onboard. It is a pleasure working with the Star Bulk team who recognise these challenges and seek to manage it effectively.” 

Stratos Pentafronimos, Star Bulk’s IT Director commented: “CyberOwl’s approach to maritime cybersecurity aligns with our operational needs. By going beyond mere protection and focusing on detection, response, and continuous verification, we are better equipped to safeguard our critical systems.”


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