CyberOwl, whose technology could help to safeguard critical national infrastructure from cyber-physical attacks, has been included in the February 2019 Forrester report: New Tech: Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security Solutions, Q1 2019 among emerging providers of industrial control systems security technologies. Forrester’s New Tech: Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security Solutions, Q1 2019 report, available to subscribers or for purchase, reviews the emerging vendors in the ICS security market.

Critical national infrastructure organisations are facing an unprecedented period of serious and sustained cyber-physical risk. CyberOwl’s platform, Medulla, uses advanced analytics to monitor the level of risk, piece together the earliest indicators of an attack and set out clear priorities on how to tackle them. This helps critical national infrastructure organisations to predict optimal defensive actions, getting ahead of the cyber-physical threats.

CEO of CyberOwl, Dan Ng, said: “with the escalation of cyber risk on industrial systems, there is an increasing need and focus on innovation to secure these systems. We are honoured to be included in this report.”

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