From left: Ken Woghiren, CTO of CyberOwl, Daniel Ng, CEO of CyberOwl, David Baker, Investment Associate at Mercia Tech

CyberOwl, whose technology could help to safeguard critical national infrastructure from cyber-physical attacks, has launched a Midlands development hub, creating 5 new positions in Birmingham by the end of 2019.

Founded in 2016, CyberOwl aims to help operators of operational technology take a more proactive stance in tackling cyber-physical risk, rather than simply reacting to attacks after they have damaged operations. CyberOwl’s platform, Medulla, uses advanced analytics to monitor the level of risk, piece together the earliest indicators of an attack and set out clear priorities on how to tackle them. This award-winning technology has quickly gained traction in the utilities and maritime sectors internationally. To remain at the cutting edge, the company continually invests in research and development and has taken the decision to build on its in-house capabilities by launching an R&D hub in the Midlands.

CTO of CyberOwl, Ken Woghiren, said: “to remain at the cutting edge, we have to continually invest in research and development. The Midlands, has an active and growing community of engineering, security and technical talent. CyberOwl’s heritage began in the Midlands at Coventry University and this continues to be where technical advancement in industrial automation and cyber security continues to thrive. We are excited to develop our role driving an innovative community within the region”

CyberOwl’s R&D hub is set to open in the Alpha Tower, Birmingham city centre, in July 2019. To find out more about our product, Medulla, click here or contact us at