CyberOwl, whose technology could help to safeguard ships from cyber-physical attacks, has become a founding member of the Digital and Technology Group of the SMI and a sponsor of AMMITEC. Through active participation in these platforms, the team and CyberOwl are looking to drive impetus in innovation and capability building in cyber-physical security for the maritime industry.

As the regulatory requirement to improve cyber resilience in shipping begins to take effect, the industry has started to realise that traditional methods of only reacting and responding to cyber threats no longer ensures that services remain uninterrupted. The competitive and secretive nature of the sector continues to inhibit collaborative approaches to improve maritime cyber-resilience and invest in innovative solutions that speak to the challenges of the sector.

CyberOwl has engaged with over 50 shipping owners, operators and equipment manufacturers in the last 12 months to further encourage proactivity in cyber risk management. Active involvement in both the SMI and AMMITEC help to provide a collaborative forum for maritime and industry experts to discuss key cybersecurity challenges and is testament to the important work both societies facilitate.

CEO of CyberOwl, Dan Ng, said: “If we are going to drive change in the maritime sector and help the sector’s decision-makers face the cyber-physical risks head on, we need to be raising awareness directly with the user community and across the supply chain. Fora such as the SMI and AMMITEC do important work to provide a platform to explore important advancements that are needed to protect the shipping community. We are proud to be actively driving such advancements through both organisations.”

Tom Chant, SMI’s director of business development agrees: “SMI are delighted that CyberOwl have joined us.Daniel and his team have already been an integral part of two very successful events in Athens and Singapore and we look forward to working closely with them on further innovative projects.Daniel will also be part of the new Digital Technologies Group Council where his collegiate nature will be an invaluable contributor in moving the UK maritime forwards.”

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